"Every job is unique, every customer an individual, I pride myself on personal service" Eoin Cumming

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Whether you are looking to freshen up your paint work, add some new decals or something a bit more custom, then I can help.


I can even give your bike that long overdue service / oil change while I'm working on it.

Motorcycle bodywork repair

First and foremost I am a biker, I have a passion for bikes and keeping some of the old girls I've owned on the road had become a challenge.


Have you seen the price of OEM plastics for bikes these days? It's crazy when your perfectly maintained '97 Blackbird takes a wee tumble cracks a fairing and Honda quote you a telephone number for a replacement.


I thought about repairing broken plastics myself many years ago. My first repair was on my own Yamaha DT50MX cowling in 1987! It worked, almost, but it wasn't pretty, so I tried various methods over the years and came up with a winner. I can now offer you the best repair you will never see. My technique allows your plastic to retain all it's flexibility without being brittle, my repairs are invisible inside and out and I DO NOT use any fillers, epoxies or glues.


I've encountered a lot of different plastics, be it ABS, polyurethane, polypropylene, PVC and varying derivatives. I've developed different techniques for all of them which keep the flexibility without being brittle. Some are more difficult than others, and I learn from every job. It's all plastic! It won't rust, crack, flake or fall out and looked after correctly will last forever.


I then called a bodyshop for painting and guess what, yep, it was another telephone number. Undeterred I looked into painting it myself, having to invest in some equipment and plenty of practice I can now provide you with a fantastic finish. See here for pics.


Yes, there are some cheap to very expensive alternatives that WILL keep your plastic together but WON'T last forever. I can guarantee the only permanent fix that will last and not be seen is MY technique.


Here's one to try for yourself, call up your local bike dealer and ask for the sticker for your fairing, they'll either tell you it's no longer available, only comes as part of a complete set (for which they charge a fortune) or they've got one lying around but sit down when they tell you how much. Of course in this day and age there's plenty of places on the old 'tinterweb you can buy stickers, but are they up to quality, exactly the same, will they match the other side? Probably not, so what did I do... yep another bit of investment and I can get the decal as an exact replica or failing that, even better than OEM.


Yeah I've got to make a living from this so it's not free, but I don't have the overheads or fancy premises that main dealers have. What I offer is a one stop shop to get your bike back on the road, and looking fantastic and my prices are as reasonable as you'll possibly find.


I'll have a look at your bike, give you a quote, if you're happy then I'll commence working on it at a time to suit you and return the bike to you fixed (for fixed read, repaired, painted and stickered back up) and no-one need ever know that you dropped it, left the disc lock on or had a bit of a low side.


Check out my gallery page for examples of my previous work.

About little 'ol me


I eat sleep and breathe bikes.  It's what I was brought up with, what I know and what I am proficient in working with. That's where EDC Designs stems from.


My goal and mission is to provide a top quality professional, yet affordable service (whether it be a whole new paint finish, or a small repair) to bikers and their pride and joy.  I do not compromise in quality and if I’m not 100% happy with a job, you won’t get it back until I am…it WILL be worth the wait!


Whether you have a cruiser, scooter, sportsbike or tourer I will eagerly work with you to give you exactly the finish you desire.


....a few folk actually think it’s funny as I seem to have picked up the nickname OCD Designs and you’ll understand why when you get to know me!!


All phone calls, emails, repairs, prep, paint, decals and after sales services are carried out by me. No secretary or staff, only me and my two rather talented hands.  This is not a large corporate company you are dealing with but a small business run by an ordinary guy with a vision. I’m lucky enough to have my partner Niki taking care of the 'business' side and my media side is covered by a very talented yet loopy friend Brent Norris. Without them all of this would not have been possible.



This is the crucial part that nobody will ever see. It's my own technique that has been developed over the years and is absolutely second to none.  It is THE ONLY repair that will stand the test of time. No glues, fillers, hot staples, cable ties or other nonsense!  Believe me, I've seen them all and more.  I'm still amazed at every repair I carry out. One of my repairs can take anything from 20 mins to 16 hours. As with the rest of the refinishing processes this takes a lot of time and effort to perfect.



This is the part that everybody sees. There are never any corners cut and I only use the best materials.

The resulting finish is what I'm hoping will make you choose EDC Designs for your pride and joy.

Everyday is a school day.  I'm always learning new techniques and effects to give you, my customer, what you want.



I can reproduce most factory style graphics or give you something a little more individual/unique.  These can be tailored to suit your needs in any size, shape, or colour. Anything is possible!