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Custom Motorcycle paint and build

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Welcome to chapter 2. Everything that EDC Designs was is still current and my business continues to grow. Hopefully you've looked through the original Motorcycle Bodywork Repair version and read the ABOUT page and perused your way through the GALLERIES. If you haven't read it yet, go back out and click the left side. I can wait, it's fine.


Ok, so you now have a small insight about me and my work ethic. The custom paint and build service that I offer is a simple extension of the bodywork repair and paint that I cut my teeth on. Think American Chopper without the family feud or Fast and Loud without a monkey in sight.


This isn't a case of bolting cheap twin headlights on your bike and calling it a Streetfighter. I'll build you a modified custom special to your specs including bodywork, frame, suspension modifications/upgrades, wheels and tyres, the list is endless. Mix and match, old with new, go for it, your options are limitless. It's all about personality, YOUR personality.


I ask you now to have a look through my CUSTOM PAINT & CUSTOM BUILD pages where you'll get some examples of what I've done (and a few on my CURRENT BUILD page) from a Moto GP SV1000 to a one off Bonneville Scrambler. You'll get the idea and once you're done give me a call and pop in for a coffee and a chat. You were wondering how long it would take for me to mention coffee.


Lets make your dream bike become a reality.