"Every job is unique, every customer an individual, I pride myself on personal service" Eoin Cumming

Telephone: 07901 525594

You've made it this far :-) as you can see from the map below I'm located in sunny Stevenston (note to self change this to wet Stevenston from September to June). Hopefully you like what you've seen so far on my website. I'd love you to get in touch, I've put my email address at the top and bottom of this page, if you are a bit old skool like me I've also put my mobile number so you can call or even text, I would say I'm available 24/7 but firstly that sounds way too American for me and secondly I'm not, I need sleep you see, feel free to message at any time but if you could save your calls to between 9am and 9pm, me, my cat and girlfriend would really appreciate it.





Email: eoin@edc-designs.co.uk   Tel: 07901 525594

Visit: 44 Stevenston Ind. Est., N. Ayrshire, KA20 3LR.


This is what you're looking for when you get to the Industrial Estate just follow the arrow down the lane.