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Suzuki GSX750ES



It might not look like it at the moment, but for me this is still a beautiful, iconic bike.

You just can't beat an 80's oil burner!


With this build I'm going, how would you put it, retro modern perhaps?

Basically I'm binning the outdated running gear and replacing it with a more modern setup.

Forks, yokes, swingarm, suspension and wheels will be changed and the bodywork will be modified to look a little more up to date without losing its original character. Hopefully.


I'm sticking with the original dash on this one too as it's quirky and I love it!  Hey, it's even got a digital gear selector! 1985? Superb!


Paintwork?  I reckon a play on the original style would look super cool.


This bike will be for sale when complete.  If you would be interested in purchasing this when finished please get in touch.

Before any build you need a bike.  A bike that runs well, or at the very least runs on all four.  Or two, or three, or... you get the idea!

I check all my bikes thoroughly, if anything is outside factory tolerance, it's sorted. No point in building a special if it's going to blow smoke or oil everywhere. ...unless it's a design feature of course. ...mmmm, Batbike anyone?

There's always room for a little tuning too.  Whether it's exhaust, air filters, gearing or timing, at the end of the build it's off to the dyno for a shakedown.

Having a realistic budget is a must since every build is unique and costs can vary dramatically. To purchase the basic Bonneville donor was £4k. The Thundercat was under £1k....

If you want a quarter mile, sub 5 second drag strip winner, I'm not your guy, but if you want something unique that will turn heads, be useable, reliable and makes you smile every time you twist that throttle, I'm waiting on your call.



2006 Triumph Bonneville (carb)              £4k

Design, Parts, Labour                             £3.5k

Estimated value                                      £10k+

Grin factor and Pose Value              Priceless

Yamaha YZF 600R Thundercat



This is a commissioned build for a customer which will be officially started in October and hopefully finished in October! ...ok, maybe November!


The digital render is complete and my customer has

given me the nod!


Think apocalypse,

think zombie, think



Watch this space!


Suzuki GSF600s Bandit



You can't beat a Bandit, THE parts bin special!


It's going to handle better, have more power and still have room for two.


Quite an extensive build:


USD front end

Swingarm change with new upgraded suspension

Engine change.

Complete new subframe and rear bodywork

Modified fuel tank


Sounds easy!


Keep your eyes peeled and pop back for updates!


This bike will be for sale when complete.  If you would be interested in purchasing this when finished please get in touch.

Honda CBX750F



Plan is to go the same way as the GSX750ES - retro modern.

Who doesn't love the twin square headlights and hey, it's a proper Honda although it could do with going on a diet,  a bit like myself! ...moving on swiftly...


New forks, probably USD and upgraded rear shock will be mated to the original wheels.


Bodywork and rear frame will be modified without losing too much of its original character.


Paintwork will be a spin on the original.


This bike will be for sale when complete. If you would be interested in purchasing this when finished please get in touch.