"Every job is unique, every customer an individual, I pride myself on personal service" Eoin Cumming

Telephone: 07901 525594

Here you'll find some examples of my work with before and after shots. Well, if Tony Hart can have one then so can I.




It's been over a year and a half since I took the plunge to moving into a unit, it was a massive risk taking that giant step from home to a specialised space, but it had to be done. A huge thank you to all my previous customers for their support.


I'm now able to provide your one stop shop for Motorcycle bodywork repairs from plastic welding to painting. More and more customers are enquiring about custom paint jobs and this seems to be a developing part of the business.


The repairs are on everything from Sports bikes to cruisers, scooters to fridge drawers. Yes, you read that correctly I can even weld your fridge door, although no-one to date has asked me to paint their fridge but hey, never say never, I'm prepared to try anything once.


Whether you want to check out the range of my work or perhaps look for some inspiration, take some time to browse the galleries below that I've divided into categories for ease of view, although its not a definitive list as every day something new seems to crop up.