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Derek McAteer's Ducati Monster 1100 Evo.


If you know Monsters you'll know you can purchase all the bodywork in pretty much any colour, plus I had the added bonus of fitting my colour scheme around the red frame.  Derek, who is a lovely guy, is also a very particular chap...  you know where I'm going with this - who said my job is easy!?!?!


After six artwork renders, a cheeky red herring, sleepless nights, jars upon jars of coffee, and many calls later we decided on this rather exquisite design.  It's all paint guys, no decals!


The black is actually a clever mix of colour and xirallics, the silver is the flattest silver I could muster,  I wanted it to be glossy but to look almost matt so when the sun hits the black.... BOOM!   Did it work?  I think it looks fabulous, I hope you guys do too.  ...I'll not tell you how long it took to get the curvy Italian flag colours in line on both the tank and seat cowl


Can I just say a great big THANK YOU to Derek and Carol Ann for their help, patience and of course, my awesome EDC Designs oval!