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The only thing that spoiled Gren's very clean ZRX was a very annoying dent in the fuel tank. Not a big dent but one of those ones when you see it you can't take your eyes off it, if you know what I mean!


My first thought was to get the trowel out but I opted for a smart repair... believe it or not this was the first proper 'smart' type repair I had attempted and needless to say I was very nervous about getting the paint matched perfectly. Also, if you've ever tried replacing the raised lettering on a Kawasaki you'll feel my pain!


The rest of the tank was in perfect condition so it was the only way to go.


It took two attempts to get the bodyline exact and three for the colourmatch to be invisible and I mean invisible. I'm not going to mention the hours spent masking off. Oops, I just did.  Quality is what its all about. Hey, if a jobs worth doing.....


This looked soooooo good, I wanted to keep it.


Over the moon.  Gren was too!  What do you think?







Well I got my tank back from EDC Designs this morning and Eoin has out done himself, cracking job, first class, excellent work, I'd highly recommend him and his work the guy has great eye for detail........makes a great cuppa as well as an all round nice guy.....

Gren Phelps, Barrhead