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Run of the mill to King of the road. Welcome to Dale's beautiful YELLOW Honda.


Red VFR's look great but there's a lot of them about, Dale wanted his pride and joy to stand out from the crowd so came to yours truly for a full colour change. Can you guess what his favourite colour is?


Some of the bodywork had been repaired by previous owners and politely put, the repairs were of inferior quality so they too got the care and attention they deserved.  My repairs will stand the test of time and you'll never know they were there.  Had a lot of work putting a troublesome fibreglass panel right too.


What can I say? I love it! 16 parts of VFR.  I even had to paint it in three sittings!


Not only is he over the moon with the colour I chose but he's loving his retro graphics too. Adapted from an early original logo and given the EDC treatment! The seat cowl with its HRC accents worked beautifully.  All in all a 100% successful job!


Well done Dale!