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Colin discovered me through one of my flyers and made that call.


His classic was in fantastic condition but was let down by some damage and a LOT of stone chips.  The left lower had been repainted several times...badly.  The colours were miles out and the masking between them was embarassing. The nosecone was not only damaged but important vinyl's were also missing.


Colin's brief was quite simple "Make it look as good as new."


As with a lot of older bikes, the actual colour had been discontinued and trying to find a match with 14 year old paintwork was a challenge.  After a lot of research I found a way to replicate the exact shading, it's one of THE most beautiful, intense candy's I've ever painted.


Colin now has a bike that turns heads wherever it goes.


I learned a lot from this one, absolutely love it and can use the process as a basis for a lot of custom finishes.


Have a look through the gallery and you'll see for yourself, bear in mind as stunning as the bike looks in the pictures it is absolutely gorgeous in the flesh.


You can read what Colin thought of my work below.

I recently had the nosecone and fairing panel resprayed by Eoin.  The finished article far exceeded my expectations and my bike now looks better than I could have ever had hoped for.  A truly professional service from start to finish. Can't wait to get my fuel tank done now as the finish is perfection.  I would recommend EDC Designs to anyone and the amount of comments it receives is testament to the quality of work. Thanks again.

Colin Judd, Glasgow